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Interviews can be any jobseeker’s nightmare. If I earn a dollar for every time someone tells me “I’m going to ace that interview tomorrow, no sweat”, I would be broke.

Yet, a lot of people fail to understand that an interview is not a test, and it is not one-sided either.

An interview is a bridge between the employer (or at least the representative) and the employee, where not only the employer is learning about the employee, but vice versa as well.

Yes, interviews might be about selling yourself and your skills, and getting all your doubts cleared. It is also your chance to learn more about yourself (surprisingly) and see a future with the company you are having an interview for. The best way to express yourself fully is to be relaxed.

Here are a few tips from us to make sure that all your interviews go smoothly.

1. Be confident

You must have heard this for thousands of times now, but it still is the golden rule of interviews.

To show them what you are capable of, you need a clear mind, accurate, on point communication, and of course, a solid presentation of yourself.

This can only be achieved if you are confident. If you believe that you deserve the position, show it, don’t second guess yourself.

2. Do your research

Show them that this is the company of your choice, not because you are simply looking for a job.

Find something you love about the company and how it would affect you and your career. Build a connection with your interviewer and the company itself.

If the interviewer doesn’t think you are interested in the job, chances are, they won’t offer you the spot.

3. Prepare for the questions

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your greatest accomplishment? How do you see yourself 5 years in the future?

These questions come up a lot and you should be prepared for them.

Also, don’t simply stop after listing out your weaknesses, show them how you overcame your weaknesses or how you are trying to improve them. Remember to always end your answers on a positive note.

In addition, be prepared for situation or scenario questions.

4. Watch your body language

This includes dressing properly for your interview, giving a firm handshake or a clear hello, sitting straight, speaking clearly, and especially, smiling at the right time.

Do not play around with your hair or tapping the table with your fingers. Make eye contact, and tone your language depends on the interviewer, or the position you are applying to.

5. Tell them about yourself

Use this opportunity wisely, by pinpointing not only your strengths, but also how they can complement the company, or the company’s culture. Yes, it would be fun to talk about your favorite pet, but it is not memorable.

Think of this question as: why should we hire you and not anyone else with the same skillset.

Be ready to back up your points; don’t say you are a leader without anything to prove it. Make your points persuasive and avoid bluffing. Watch your interviewer’s expression – if they think you are over selling, they will show it.

6. Show interest after the interview

Send the interviewer a thank you note, follow up through emails, make sure that they know you are very interested in getting the job. Don’t be clingy – stick to 2 emails or under before you get the final answer.

Recall what happens during the interview and input that you appreciate, for example, “It was very nice of you to give me advice regarding my weakness”.

7. Every interview is a lesson

Simply put, don’t give up.

Maybe you did something wrong, maybe you didn’t, what happened cannot be changed. But it is better to learn from it.

If you really want the position, ask for a second chance. You might want to ask your interviewer what went wrong and how you could improve, but don’t be surprised if you do not get a reply.

Learn how to move on and let your experiences be your strength.

Stick to these tips and you are ready for your interview. It’s time to check out our JOB PAGE and start your new career today. We wish you the best of luck!

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