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Why is employee engagement important?

Do you want to maximise your success as a business? Hire and retain the best professionals in your industry by developing healthy, loyal and lasting relationship with your employees. bravoSURVEYS has the right tools to help you identify, retain and fully benefit from the talent of your employees. Here’s why and how.

Real Life Situation

Jane is a senior account manager in the marketing industry. She has worked for 2 other companies in the last 8 years before she started at her current position. Jane had a meeting with her line manager and the human resources officer to review and discuss her performance over the past 6 months. The meeting went well as Jane was prepared for the questions she might have been asked, but at the end of it, she thought that there wasn’t much difference between that and previous performance review meetings she had had in her other employment.

Some questions popped up in Jane’s head and she wrote them down:

Why am I working for this company?Do I know the true mission, vision and goals of my company?How can I be sure that my employer wants me to work in this company?What would make me successful here?How can my employer assist me in achieving my goals?What are the benefits of working for this company?Can I trust my managers? Why?What reasons do I have to be loyal to my current employer?

After she spent some time thinking about the answers of these questions, Jane came to the conclusion that her company could invest more time and resources into understanding its employees and their emotional relationship with the organisation. In other words, the company’s Employee Engagement was not the level she would expect it to be.

Some Factual Data

The influence of Employee Engagement is surprising but quite evident in some of the statistics pulled out from Dale Carnegie Training. Did you know that:

  • Only 29% of the entire workforce are actively engaged in their company, while 71% are not fully engaged
  • It’s not the amount of remuneration an employee receives that makes them commit to an organisation, but the emotional and functional engagement that organisation provides.
  • An organisation which is able to engage their employees performs 202% better than one whose employees are disengaged.
  • 80% of all employees who are not happy with their line manager report to be disengaged in the company.
  • 70% of all employees who doubt the abilities and skills of the senior management team are only partially engaged in the company.
  • 54% of all employees who take pride in their company’s contribution to the society report to be engaged in the organisation.
  • The most common traits of engaged employees are enthusiasm, inspiration, empowerment and confidence.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Without a shred of a doubt, it is the set of people working for a particular company that makes it more successful than another. An engaged workforce is loyal workforce and it leads to the creation of sustainable competitive advantages, strengthening the position of a company and increasing its market value.

Research has found that people who are satisfied with their job and the organisation they work for show high level of trust and loyalty to the employer, enjoy open communication with their line manager and receive support for their goals and expectations from the company. This has a direct and demonstrable effect on the work productivity, which then leads to increase in revenue and better customer retention. Last but not least, employers who exhibit good employee engagement practices treat their staff with respect and understanding.

bravoSURVEYS Employee Engagement

Do you want to be one of those successful businesses whose employees go to work with a genuine smile on their face every day? Are you ready to make a difference to your staff’s work life and grow your revenue and strengthen your reputation? bravoSURVEYS surveys are exactly what you need to achieve all of that. There are 5 different surveys, specifically designed for measuring your employee engagement and determining its levels using statistics in various key stages.

New Hire or Induction Survey

You’ve just hired a new talent to join your team. They’ve completed their induction and now you need to find out how they felt about it. For example, are they happy with the information they were given? Is there still more things they need to know in order to be successful in their role? Are the actual job responsibilities the same as outlined in the job description? Collecting this sort of data and working with it will allow you to close the gap between employers expectation and employee performance. It brings a peace of mind to both sides and, of course, leaves your business with an engaged workforce.

Satisfaction or Workplace Climate/Culture Survey

It’s vital to know how your employees feel in the workplace. Are they generally happy or is there an issue that bothers more than a few of them? Also, it’s important to ask them what suggestions they have in mind that would make their work life better. Would they be willing to refer a friend to a new opening in the company? Having such questionnaires distributed regularly among staff members makes them feel valued and confident in voicing their opinions and needs. What is more, it is a reliable platform for employees to raise an emerging issue safely, before it has turned into a big problem. Following this practice will guarantee higher employee retention and engagement levels. Best part of it is that it doesn’t come as expensive as you may have thought.

Reward and Recognition Survey

Everybody likes being praised about a job well done. And who would frown at a good reward for their efforts at work? However, it is important to find out what a “good reward” means to your employees, because different people have different interests and in the case where an employee receives a benefits package that doesn’t necessarily excite them, they are very much likely to be disengaged in the company. Money bonuses will not always be the answer for each and every employee. As an employer you need to be flexible and tailor custom employee rewards such as gym membership, spa pass, childcare vouchers, etc. How to find out who wants what? Use bravoSURVEYS Reward and Recognition Survey.

Training Survey

Most companies provide training to their employees, which benefits both sides in the long run, but many fail to measure the training programmes outcome effectively. This means that the questions asked after the completion of a training course often touch only the surface and do not provide sufficient information for the employer. Go deeper by asking your staff if the course duration and content were appropriate and satisfactory. Would they recommend the programme to a specific colleague? In what ways could the training be applied in job tasks to increase the employee’s effectiveness?

Exit Interview Survey

People leave companies for various reasons. Sometimes it’s purely based on their personal circumstances, however, in other instances they move on to other organizations because they offer better work conditions and more satisfactory packages. As an insightful employer, you would want to know the reason why your member of staff is leaving you and what you can change to make sure that it doesn’t become a common reason for employee resignation.

Closing Words

bravoSURVEYS is specifically designed to enable you to ask the right questions, collect and analyse the information submitted by your employees. Our product will also help you better understand the results and give you tips and insights on how set and implement actions in response to the collected data.

If you’d like to see a full featured demo of bravoSURVEYS you can do so by clicking the button below. Go ahead and strengthen your company by investing in employee engagement today!

If we’ve not sold you on the idea by now, you can request a demo of a full featured online survey software offered by a full service provider. Go ahead and strengthen your company by investing in employee engagement today!

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