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Employers are results driven and employees are response led. A business owner focuses on what goals have been achieved, while a working professional concentrates on how to achieve the goals. A conflict situation often arises from this and it is where Employee Effectiveness really matters. With bravoSURVEYS Employee Effectiveness Survey the mind gap between the management and the workforce is closed. This powerful tool measures Employee Engagement and lays down the path to increasing Employee Effectiveness by supporting, guiding and encouraging the staff to understand the company’s goals and put their heart into achieving them.

A real life situation

In a call centre department of a B2B insurance company there are 6 members of staff and a line manager. Since the team was established a year and a half ago, 4 out of 6 employees left the department and 3 newly-hired workers resigned within 9 months of joining the team.

The HR department in the company spent an average of 30% of their working hours per week hiring new employees, processing exiting members files, reporting and recording HR documents, updating other departments with the changes in the call centre and arranging training programmes for current workers and newcomers.

The knowledge in the department was not properly transferred between leaving and joining members and failed to be strengthened well to meet the amendments of the insurance products and internal working software. Meanwhile, the new employees couldn’t remember the clients’ portfolios.

The feedback from clients was unflattering – slow service, lengthy processes and frequent breaches of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Even though the team members worked overtime, they felt uncomfortable after every executive meeting for team performance evaluation. At the same time the new members felt frustrated. Overall, the team lacked effectiveness, regardless of how hard each employee tried to perform well, work and contribute.

Eventually, the company management realised that the high turnover of staff caused the ineffectiveness and low productivity. How could the managers prevent people from resigning? What was the cause for the frequent employee resignations? What could be done to help the team become more effective and engaged?

How does employee effectiveness relate to employee engagement?

The best boost for Employee Effectiveness is giving the workers the freedom and support to perform and excel in a role that matches their skill set, preferences and even personality.

There are two sets of drivers that lead to Employee Engagement and Employee Enablement, which in turn become the base of Employee Effectiveness.

Employee Engagement can easily be described by the presence of commitment and effort put by the staff. This is achieved when an organisation provides opportunities for development, clear direction, quality work, leaders who envoke confidence in employees and last, but certainly not least, good pay and benefits.

Employee Enablement, on the other hand, is evident when an organisation has optimised roles and provides supportive environment. This depends on certain aspects made available to the staff, such as training, collaboration, reliable resources, comprehensible structure of work and processes, good performance management and empowerment.

When all these are present, Employee Effectiveness is guaranteed and as a result of that you can expect better business performance, innovation in the company, increased market value, enhanced productivity, improved services and higher customer satisfaction, and of course, attraction and retention of talent.

The dream workplace – a brilliant recipe for employee effectiveness

What does it mean to be effective in a workplace? In simple terms, provide high quality work, complicent with official requirements and guidelines at a minimised cost. It also indicates how well employees are coping with identified and targeted issues and how many of the organisation’s goals and objectives have been achieved.

An employee is highly effective when they complete a task to the maximum desired outcome using the best route for achievement of the preset aims. Labour is a key measure for the level of Employee Effectiveness.

Are you trying to improve your Employee Effectiveness? There’s a range of activities, which will help you in your quest of creating better working environment – employee recognition and appreciation, training opportunities, smooth communication on all levels, pay and benefits, improved corporate culture, tech renovation and approachable leadership.

Can you measure employee effectiveness? Yes, with bravoSURVEYS!

The Employee Effectiveness survey is extremely user-friendly, allowing your organisation to measure proven key drivers of the employee performance.

Looking for insights on factors leading to staff slacking at their desks? There’s nothing more powerful than the online bravoSURVEYS survey for getting all the answers you need. The survey will give you clear pathways of removing existing performance barriers and methods of stimulating your employees to do their best. Personalised reports will be available to you along with recommendations, applicable specifically to your business, on how to maximise your Employee Effectiveness.

Some of the great benefits your organisation can enjoy with bravoSURVEYS are:

  • Identification of performance barriers – Find out what stops your employees from putting enough efforts in their job. Whether it is related to Employee Engagement or Employee Enablement, our survey will be able to tell you.
  • Quick results – No need to wait a long time for all the data to be sorted and analysed. bravoSURVEYS uses a quick and well respected methodology to bring out results in a whim.
  • Customised dashboard – Find exactly what you are looking for easily in seconds. Choose the priorities to focus on by putting selected reports on your dashboard. You can also group your employees in 4 categories – most effective, frustrated, detached and least effective.
  • Constructive Feedback – You can give or receive feedback that will help put your organisation and the employee performance in a better shape. bravoSURVEYS has made sure that biased opinions are eliminated.
  • A whole lot more – bravoSURVEYS is a complex multi-faceted tool, enabling you to improve the communication between you as an employer and the people who work for you. Plenty of useful tips and ideas how to make things better in your organisation are available on our software.

Effective managers, effective employees. Make a bold step beyond a regular working place and turn your organisation into a magnet for talent with the bravoSURVEYS Employee Engagement and the Employee Effectiveness survey. Now is the time to think about the future.

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