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It’s no exaggeration to say that human resources are the backbone that can make or break a business or organization. The HR department takes care of everything related to “Humans” in a company, from hiring the right talents to training newbies, retaining people, and ensuring employee engagement.

No matter your company’s size, there are many things HR staff need to manage at a time. One of the most essential duties comes to reporting. You need to collect and analyze recruitment, engagement, and hiring data to have a big picture of your human capital.

However, manually creating HR charts, graphs, and diagrams using spreadsheets tires HR staff. There would be no problem with one or two reports. But imagine you have numerous types of reports to do, it’d be a nightmare.

Fortunately, you have the bravoINSIGHTS software at hand! The tool frees HR officers from manual work by combining data and exporting powerful HR reports without any hassle.

In this article, we’ll center on how to use bravoINSIGHTS, to generate HR reports. Before that, it’s of indispensable necessity for you to go through the definition of HR reporting, its importance, and the types of reports.

What Are HR Reporting and Why It Is Important?

As the name indicates, HR reporting refers to the process of tracking and presenting key statistics, insights, and metrics related to human resources. This practice allows companies to analyze critical data about the business, employees, and the workforce to improve working performance as well as recruiting procedures.

Several reasons can motivate you to create HR reports. You’re able to spot trends, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans to enhance operation and productivity.

Reports help quickly visualize how the team is doing and point out where the problems come from too. For example, by studying the recruiting information, HR Managers can pinpoint which stages are having problems, for example, job posting, interviewing, or CV screening. Then they can quickly find solutions for these issues.

HR reports also give you a helping hand in evaluating employee and labor market trends so you can improve the decision-making processes.

5 Significant HR Reports Generated by bravoINSIGHTS

There are a plethora of reports that bravoINSIGHTS enables you to create. The most vital ones are Employee Information (or Diversity), Recruitment, Turnover and Retention, Engagement, and Attendance and Absenteeism reports.

Employee Information (Diversity) Report

Employee Information, also known as Diversity, turns out to be the most common but fundamental type of HR report that bravoINSIGHTS can offer. It consists of employees’ basic personal information such as demographics, revenue, gender, interests, preference, and many other things.

A team can’t contain people of similar characteristics or coming from the same hometown only. This critical data draw a big picture of employee diversity in your company. Based on that report, you can balance the variety among teams to build a strong company culture.

It’s possible for you to gather employees’ interests and preferences via the bravoGROWTH app and export them to reports. HR and employers can explore their people’s true motivation and drive to develop the right career path for them.

Recruitment Report

Recruitment reports give HRs a central view of all the information involved in the recruiting process, for instance, the hiring results, the average time to hire, or the costs per hire. You can base on that to quickly understand what it’s going on with the hiring process, figure out the challenges the department is facing, and propose solutions to optimize the recruiting strategies.

One interesting thing is that the information to generate this kind of report is available in our barvoTALENT app. We keep track of every step in the recruitment activity, from open positions and numbers of applications to candidate information.

Turnover and Retention Report

US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 57% of the US labor turnover in 2020. It’s proved that 40% of Gen Zers would walk away from their jobs within two years.

Turnover and retention rates spell out the stability of your organization. Not only do they reduce costs, but these figures also build trust in the newbies. Plus, each turnover case costs your business about 30% of that position’s annual salary. You have to pay for hiring new people and the fee for training them.

Employee engagement should always be the priority for retaining people and reducing turnover. Our bravoSURVEYS tool makes it easy for you to design customized surveys and gather information about employee satisfaction. You’re enabled to collect different types of information via surveys, from the number of people who have left their positions, their reasons, the costs associated, and how to retain them.

You can later on export these surveys to reports via our bravoINSIGHTS. The tool will analyze the info to spot internal issues and predict employee turnover patterns. This dramatically helps improve satisfaction and retention rates.

Engagement Report

Employee engagement is a concept that attempts to strengthen the relationship and connection between your organization and the employees. As we mentioned before, the higher levels of engagement, the better the retention rate, resulting in more loyal customers.

bravoSURVEYS does wonders for collecting insights into company culture along with what you can do engage team members via strategic Human Resource surveys. This information will be presented in clear and concise reports generated by bravoINSIGHTS with just a few clicks.

Attendance and Absenteeism Report

Attendance influences employee productivity directly. That’s why HR must record and keep track of employees’ absenteeism to avoid lawsuits and ensure a happy workforce.

Attendance and absenteeism reports allow you to manage absence along with overtime hours with ease. You’re able to visualize the employee duty, such as who is present or absent, their working days, check-in/out time, breaks/meal times, and overtime hours. This ensures each employee will be paid accurately.

On top of that, proper attendance tracking helps forecast the average cost of each absence which you can count as sick pay or even a loss in productivity.

Create Standard HR Reports with bravoINSIGHTS

HR reports are taken on increased importance to determine your organization’s challenges and keep the company more organized and productive. With the help of bravoINSIGHTS software, you can explore the company’s data’s potential and make critical decisions on hiring, engaging, and retaining talents in the future.

bravoINSIGHTS is preferred for its easy-to-use features to create reports and transform the way HR operates in your company. The tool frees HR managers from manually collecting data using spreadsheets so that you can export data within seconds.

There are different data visualization our bravoINSIGHTS can create, depending on the report you plan to generate and the input data, ranging from columns to bars, pie, areas, percentages, and more. What’re you waiting for? Let bravoINSIGHTS automate your HR reports now!

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