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Automation and technology are transforming businesses operation. Not only does the CS team can reduce their workload via AI chatbots but the marketing staff also automate social interactions and email retargeting. The finance department makes use of automation software for payment email reminders and the payroll process too.

You’re missing out on something huge without mentioning recruitment automation. Undoubtedly, technologies are involved in every step of your hiring process, from acquiring talents to organizing and managing manual admin tasks. Since then, you can ultimately reduce hiring time, create an extensive experience for candidates, and retain top talents.

In today’s article, let us bring your attention to the reasons motivating you to automate the recruitment process. Then we’ll discuss 7 ways to apply technology in your company’s hiring. The bonus of bravoTALENT solution will wrap up this post.

Why Using Recruiting Automation

Successfully getting a newcomer on board takes a lot of time. You can’t skip any step of the hiring process, from posting the job advertisement to screening resumes, setting up interviews, and following up with candidates. Reviewing CVs and classifying candidates prove to be the most time-consuming sector. It’s estimated that a recruiter needs to spend around 23 hours screening resumes for a single position only.

Embedding recruiting automation comes with a massive package of benefits for businesses and organizations. Technologies will increase the recruitment team’s productivity, raise the quality of hires, and reduce hiring time. They also help free bias in hiring and at the same time enhance the applications’ experience.

  • Reduce Hiring Time and Boost Productivity

Automation tools are intended to empower recruiters to perform more efficiently. They eliminate manual resume screening, interview scheduling, or nurturing tasks, resulting in faster and better decision-making. You can greatly reduce the overall time to employ and spend that time on candidate engagement.

  • Increase Hiring Quality

AI software operates logically and always produces data-driven decisions with consistent results. Applying them to the recruitment process assists to remove emotional influences when hiring.

  • Improve Candidates’ Experience

It’s worth mentioning another significant point of recruitment automation in creating a great candidate experience. Candidates can encounter automatic email confirmations, flexible interview time, and assessment pre-employment.

7 Ways to Automate Recruitment Process

Headhunters use automation technology throughout various recruitment touchpoints, from the application step to the final decision.

#1 Posting Jobs

Rather than manually placing open job positions on social platforms to collect candidates’ resumes, think of programmatic job advertising. With the help of automation tools, recruiters are no longer involved in jotting down job descriptions, posting on tons of job sites, and manually messaging candidates.

Thankfully, recruitment automation tools streamline the job posting process at your fingertips. Job posts will be listed on popular and relevant career sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor automatically.

#2 Tracking Applicants

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are and have always been one of the most popular recruitment automation technologies to reduce labor work in your hiring process.

As the name indicates, it collects, tracks, and manages data of candidates, from when they submit resumes until becoming official employees. This draws a big picture of which stage each candidate is in so you can keep track of their status.

#3 Candidate Pre-screening

Automation solutions do wonders for pre-qualifying good fits for an open position. You’re free from grading candidates, evaluating their experience and skills, and determining the most suitable people for the role.

Chatbots and virtual assistants prove an increasingly common technology for automatic pre-screening nowadays. They lend you a helping hand in gathering basic information from candidates, interacting with them, and providing immediate answers to their questions

#4 Assessing Candidate Pre-employment

Providing assessment is of indispensable necessity for employers to rank candidates and remove potential unconscious bias. It gives you a holistic view of candidates to make better decisions.

Automation tools serve the recruitment department with various pre-employment tests. Cognitive ability examination, personality questionnaire, cultural fit assessment, and live chat support simulation, just to name a few.

#5 Scheduling Interviews

Check availability for all applicants is always a painful part. You must go back and forth, confirm with candidates, then add and remove events on the calendar to successfully set up an interview.

Fortunately, you have automation software at hand. They allow streamlining of the interview process. It’s possible for candidates to schedule – and reschedule the preferred time themselves on your calendar without interrupting your team.

#6 Nurturing Candidates

It’s evident that maintaining a close relationship helps reduce the rate of candidates turning the table tables to ghost employers.

You can take advantage of candidate relationship management (CRM) systems to engage and encourage applications. They take care of sending automated reminders, keeping candidates up-to-date on the next steps, and ensuring they won’t lose interest in the position.

#7 Background Checking

Last but not least, you’re required to check the background of candidates for certain roles. You need to ensure no problems in their educational qualifications, criminal records, references, and financial status.

Recruitment automation solutions handle this sector as ease as pie. They’ll go through all profiles and search for red flags. This enables you to experience a thrill of speed and accuracy in the background checking process.

Why Is bravoTALENT Your Ideal Recruitment Automation Solution?

bravoTALENT receives a great deal of recruiters and HR staff’s attention thanks to its simple yet powerful features to streamline the recruitment cycle. It packs enough power to get nearly anything you want in terms of a recruiting automation platform.

You’re permitted to dive into bravoTALENT’s candidate pool, post jobs, review all candidate profiles applying for open positions, or even proactively match your job positioning with candidates automatically.

On top of that, you can manage every candidate in one place, see their status in the hiring process, and schedule interviews effortlessly. The tool offers tons of email templates, making the follow-up process as easy as pie.

Ready to Move to Recruitment Automation?

There exists a stereotype that HR can operate without the involvement of humans. Frankly, you can still automate various elements of the hiring cycle to bring more consistency, efficiency, and productivity.

We’ve walked through 7 areas to consider when automating your recruiting, from job advertisements to background checking before having passed candidates on board.

You’re missing out on something huge without looking at bravoTALENT, a perfect solution for automating business recruitment. You’re enabled to hire, retain, and develop employees without having to put in a lot of your effort.

Check out details on how bravoTALENT supports your hiring automation here!

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