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When reaching out to people for information, it’s important you make a good first impression.

As a survey creator, you’re asking for people’s time in exchange for information that’s valuable to your business. The way you approach people will make a huge impact on the answers you receive, and the amount of people who complete your survey.

Before you start designing your survey, take the time to consider how the survey will achieve your business goals, and what you intend to do with the answers you receive. Understanding your goals will help you choose the right kind of question types to use.

Choose from hundreds of question types, formats and styles

With bravoSURVEYS, you can choose from a wide range of questions types, formatting tools and styles to ask any question you want, the way you want.

Ask the right questions to get valuable answers

Variety of question types

bravoSURVEYS helps you ask better questions. You can choose from many unique question types and modify them to match the format of your survey.

bravoSURVEYS is also optimized for mobiles, so you can collect valuable data from any device.

Flexible validation tools

bravoSURVEYS has powerful customisation tools to meet the requirements for any survey. Choose which questions are mandatory, use skip actions to screen out your respondents or conditional displays to make your survey relevant to your respondents.

The most popular survey types

Multiple choice questions

With a multiple choice question, respondents select one or more options from a list of answers defined by the survey creator. When is the best time to use multiple choice questions? When you’re looking for responses to a fixed amount of answers.

Comments questions

These question types give respondents the freedom to write their own answers, without being restricted to options selected by the survey creator.

Responses are then analysed by a person or from a sophisticated text analysis tool like bravoSURVEYS’s Open Ended Question Analysis Tool.

Rating scales

In rating scale question, respondents choose a single answer from a continuous series of possible options. These questions are often used to gauge the attitude or feeling towards a single concept, product, service or idea.

A common example of this is, ‘Not at all important… to very important.’

Matrix questions

These types of questions are asked in a matrix table. In a matrix table, you answer a variety of different questions by choosing from the same line of possible options.

When writing matrix questions, it’s important that your questions follow a consistent format and can be answered using the same responses. For this reason, a lot of matrix questions use a Likert Scale.

Demographic questions

Demographic questions are used to learn about the respondent’s age, background, education and income level. This information can be used to compare answers of respondents who share similar traits, or compare answers of those with entirely different demographic backgrounds.

Try it out yourself

Once you become familiar with the various survey questions and answer types, you’ll know which ones to use for the right situation.

In the meantime, try bravoSURVEYS to speed up the process of creating your survey. With access to hundreds of survey questions and answer formats, you can configure your survey to flow exactly the way you want.

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