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Are you worried about respondents getting confused or dropping out of your survey?

Use Question and Option Display Logic. By using Question and Option Display Logic you can make sure that your respondents stay interested and only see questions that are relevant to them. With less clutter, you’ll be rewarded with higher quality responses and data for your business. But what exactly is display logic? And how does it work?

Display Logic allows you to customise your survey to dynamically react on the fly to specific answers provided by your respondents. When your respondent chooses a certain answer for a question, the survey will react by showing questions the survey deems relevant, based on previous answers they’ve chosen.

Basically, the display logic forms a ‘pathway’ for your respondent to follow, and keeps them on-track with only the most relevant questions.

Randomizing questions and options

Randomization, the act of making something random is an important tool used in scientific research.

By randomizing the order of questions, answers and blocks of questions, the survey removes any element of bias that may influence the accuracy of the answers.

With bravoSURVEYS, you can instantly randomize your questions, answers and blocks of questions. In this article, we’re going to explain how to take advantage of bravoSURVEYS’s powerful features.

Custom question orders

Need to randomize the order of questions on a page? No problem. Use Question Randomization to automatically change the order… and do so much more!

Here are the most common ways to randomize your options:

  • Display all questions in a random order
  • Display a certain number of questions from a large group
  • Lock certain questions into a specific position
  • Hide certain questions
  • Supports: In order, randomized, rotated and flipped order

Supports: In order, randomized, rotated and flipped order

  • Lock selected options into a certain position
  • Present a certain number of total choices: Randomly display selected choices from the complete list of choices
  • Supports: Alphabetic order, in order, randomized, rotated and flipped order

Pipe in existing data

Want to avoid the hassle of writing out the same answers again? Use Question and Answer Piping to insert answers from a previous question. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to get more insight on a previous answer.

By taking advantage of bravoSURVEYS’s easy-to-use display logic features, you can create a survey that delivers a tailored experience for your respondents.

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