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We are very pleased to introduce to you to bravoSURVEYS, an incredibly powerful system, created to provide you and your organisation with relevant feedback and actionable insights of your business. bravoSURVEYS is a brilliant tool that allows organisations to effectively plan and gather information, produce comprehensive reports, build action plans and follow up with repeat cycles. Maximise the benefits of big data and modern connected IT by using bravoSURVEYS to professionally manage your continuous internal surveys.

What kind of tool is bravoSURVEYS?

In its core, this is a survey generating software, helping businesses of all sizes and industries to create questionnaires, distribute them and collect responses. However, there’s much more to come with bravoSURVEYS for the benefit of your organisation. For example, sophisticated reporting, presented to you in an easy to understand manner, as well as, extensive data analysis of the key indicators for the organisational state and performance.

Although, the software is able to carry out different tasks, it is very user friendly and easily accessible. It is online based, so all you need is a browser. If you prefer, however, you can have other programmes, tools and softwares such as Excel and enterprise-level business intelligence, integrated with bravoSURVEYS.

Our application is hosted on the Cloud and can be accessed in the form of a SAAS (Software as a Service). This means, by having a subscription to the service, you automatically gain access to any improvements, updates and new features as soon as they are added. You don’t have to clutter your desktop computers or organisational servers with installation of the software. As long as you have a good Internet connection you will always be able to take advantage of the full benefits bravoSURVEYS has to offer you and your business.

We have different subscription plans, designed to fit the needs of any organisation. You can use the free tier for limited use if you are a small company, individual or a start up who doesn’t collect data often and just wants to try out the software features. The real power and beauty of bravoSURVEYS, however, unveils in the Premium and Entrerprise subsciption packages, suitable for big organisations and frequent users.

What kind of tool is bravoSURVEYS?

Meet our Products

We are very passionate about providing value to our customers. This is why when you sign up for a bravoSURVEYS package, you get an instant access to a comprehensive business analysis tool suite. You can choose the products that best match your needs as an organisation. In each and every one of them you will experience fantastic functionality features and encounter advanced elements to experiment with. Nonetheless, we’ve grouped our products in three categories, catering for various aspects of organisational needs.

bravoSURVEYS Surveys

In this category, you can find our generic product for creating and analysing online surveys. Although it is not designed specifically to target a predefined purpose, you can freely create any types of surveys, questionnaires, forms and quizzes with it, which will give you the relevant insights you are looking for. There a wide variety of templates you can pick from and if you are the creative type, you have the freedom to design your own and share it with your targeted audience.

bravoSURVEYS Customer Engagement

You need to be able to get feedback from your customers effectively at all times. It is crucial to the growth and development of any business. Because we understand that better than anyone else, we’ve created a product that enables you to collect the information you need from your customers quickly and easily. The unique features of the bravoSURVEYS Customer Engagement tool are uniquely adapted to measure and predict customer attitudes, behaviour and satisfaction. If excellent customer service is important to your organisation and you learn from consumer feedback, this product is for you.

bravoSURVEYS Employee Engagement

Just as good levels of customer engagement are vital to any business, measuring the employee engagement plays a key role in the success of company of any size. Having a clear picture of how your employees feel about the workplace and what motivates them to do their job well will determine the direction, in which your organisation is going. With bravoSURVEYS Employee Engagement you can explore the most advanced and efficient ways of understanding the people who work for you, their moods, attitudes and common practices. What is more, by giving your employees a safe platform to voice their opinion, you are already taking the first step towards higher levels of employee engagement.

Meet our Products

How does it work?

Plan, collect, analyse, act. This is the cycle on, which you will be operating with bravoSURVEYS to take out the maximum of what our products have to offer. Every step of the process is fully supported by the system and if you ever need help with anything, you can get it directly from our user interface, comprehensive documentation or by contacting the helpdesk. No matter what is bringing confusion at first, you would soon become a pro in creating specific questions, distributing surveys, viewing reports and many more.

Looking for an additional feature? No problem, send us a feature request and we’ll get on working to create it for you. No other survey software will give you the advanced power and freedom, bravoSURVEYS provides. And guess what, it only gets better by the day!

What to Expect from bravoSURVEYS?

However high you set your expectations, bravoSURVEYS will match them. Our products help you grow your business, take care of the well-being of your employees, measure your customer satisfaction and much more. Your options are limitless.

Take the first step towards becoming a leading organisation today. Sign up for bravoSURVEYS, you will be delighted!

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Øyvind Forsbak
As CTO and co-founder of Orient Software, Øyvind Forsbak oversees all of our organization’s technical matters. Since Orient Software's founding in 2005, Øyvind has guided the company's choices of technology to become a world class developer in .NET and modern JavaScript frameworks.
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