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Did you know that employees all over the world rate “respectful treatment” as the most important factor related to job satisfaction? Your Employee Engagement tactics will be successful if you score high level of Employee Satisfaction among the people who work for you. bravoSURVEYS offers Employee Satisfaction Survey, specially tailored to touch on key indicators and suggest the most applicable solutions for Employee Engagement in your company.

What is employee satisfaction?

In very plain terms, this is the level at which an employee is happy with their work environment, prospects for development and job specification. Essentially it determines whether the individual likes the workplace, what they do at the job and whether it has a positive impact on their personal life.

How is employee satisfaction different from employee engagement?

Although the two terms sound very similar, they are quite different in their functions. Employee Satisfaction simply determines whether a worker is happy with their job or not, while Employee Engagement outlines the overall emotional commitment an employee may have to the organisation and its mission, vision and goals.

While high levels of Employee Satisfaction can significantly increase Employee Engagement they do not define it. This means a professional may be happy with their job, but not be loyal and fully dedicated to the company if more is not done to encourage Employee Engagement. However, we must state that Employee Satisfaction is essential for employee retention and this is important because it saves time and resources to the business, which would otherwise be spent on new employee recruitment and training.

How to measure employee satisfaction?

There are different ways to measure Employee Satisfaction but one of the most reliable methods is Employee Satisfaction Survey, because it gives you all the first-hand answers you are looking for. Reading research materials, studies and trends related to the matter can also be beneficial, but they will not always be applicable to your particular set of employees.

The Employee Satisfaction Survey gives the employer a valuable insight on vital aspects such as employee relationship, policy, and benefits to the company, and overall attitude towards what the organisation is offering and has to offer in the future. To go in more detail, here are all the areas you can explore in depth with the Employee Satisfaction Survey:

  • Work environment
  • Coworker interaction and communication
  • Teamwork
  • Manager’s performance and attitude
  • Understanding of mission and goals
  • Employee empowerment
  • Career development options
  • Compensation schemes
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Wellness programs and company retreats

For you, as an employer, to be able to maximise the outcome of such a survey you will have to show your employees that they can trust you at all times. This will encourage them to give truthful and complete answers to the questions in the survey, which will ultimately help you find out how they feel about working for the organisation and every aspect connected to their job. You must ensure that you do not breach confidentiality and your employees don’t fear that their responses may be held against them at any point. To achieve this, present the survey in a positive manner and let all participants know that its aim is to improve the workplace and all the shared information will be solely used for the common good.

What’s special about bravoSURVEYS employee satisfaction survey?

Our survey tool is much more advanced and tailored to cater for your own business needs more than any other product you will find on the market. You can save hours of work for your HR officers in identifying and formulating questions to include in your employee survey. bravoSURVEYS tool will guide them through those processes to create the optimal questionnaire that can obtain the most relevant information for your organisation.

Our questions are designed in a way to encourage your employees to open up about their likes, dislikes and challenges in the workplace, and give responses that are honest, elaborate, clear and not a result of a misunderstanding while reading the question.

You will be completely free to customise the survey according to your company’s specific needs and culture. You could assign that to an employee in house or we can administer the changes for you when you purchase the software.

Once you’ve received the responses from the survey they will be available in a neatly presented dashboard. You can make your own assessment of the results to determine the level of your Employee Satisfaction. A lot of supportive tools such as correlation analysis, data charts and graphs are put into place for you to use to build a full picture of how your staff feels about working for the organisation.

It is crucial to be consistent in collecting responses, for example monthly and monitor if there has been an improvement over time. The bravoSURVEYS Employee Satisfaction Survey offers support for progress tracking so you are always on top of emerging or persistent issues among your employees.

When your staff is happy with their roles and responsibilities the business is thriving. Satisfied employees produce satisfied customers which in turn leads to greater profitability.

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