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Pre-screening job candidates are the starting point of a hiring process, but it is always a nerve-wracking process, isn’t it? It costs recruiters quite a lot of time and effort to get to know the applicants before proceeding to the next stage. Unfortunately, there exists an unreceptive fact that the conventional methods used in screening – resume vetting, background checks, and interviews (both structured and unstructured) – are no longer accurate. The results are often diverted from the initial goal due to a variety of reasons. 

According to research, 78% of resumes contain misled statements, while 48% tell lies. Not to mention that the applicants can totally exaggerate to justify they fit into the position; the unstructured interview assessments are often subjective and unconsciously biased, so they fail to predict the precise job performance. The structured interviews are a bit better, but it poses challenges on different fronts. 

Pre-employment assessment tools are being used by organizations of all sizes, particularly midsize and big businesses, to improve their recruitment strategy and automate their hiring process

What Is Pre-employment Testing Software? 

Pre-employment testing software is a type of assessment tool that helps recruiters to screen candidates more effectively. These systems are designed to resolve all the restrictions normally found in manual pre-screening and uncover the truth about a candidate’s skills, abilities, and potential fit for a role. More than that, pre-employment testing software can yield valuable insights into the personality, characteristics, and even behavioral traits of a candidate. This proves to be extremely useful to thoroughly evaluate an applicant to decide if he or she fits into the whole culture of your organization or not, which will play a vital role in cultivating the employee experience and job satisfaction afterward.  

Benefits of Implementing Pre-employment Testing Software in the Hiring Process 

By applying software solutions in pre-employment testing, business owners and HR professionals can reap a wide range of benefits.  

Facilitate a More Efficient & Less Time-consuming Hiring Process 

The most significant advantage of pre-employment testing software is that it can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with screening candidates manually. Recruiters can use these systems to efficiently filter out unqualified applicants, which helps free much of the time that would otherwise be spent on reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. This would allow you to focus on interviewing only those pre-screened candidates who are most likely to be good fits for the role. In addition, online assessments are usually much cheaper to administer than face-to-face interviews.  

Deliver Objective & Accurate Results 

Following the scientific methods and principles, pre-employment testing is tasked not only for automation but also to eliminate personal bias and favoritism from the assessment process. The software will provide an objective evaluation of each candidate, so you can be sure that the best person for the job is being hired, regardless of any personal connections or other subjective factors. This means that you can have more confidence in the accuracy of the results, and hiring mistakes or wrong decisions are less likely to happen accordingly. 

Improve Quality of Hires & Avoid Wrong Hires 

Since assessment tools automate the repetitive manual tasks and secure the screening results, business owners are able to filter the best candidates who have what it takes to be successful in the opening position. Consequently, this would lead to an improvement in the quality of your hires. 

On the other hand, pre-employment testing software can also help you to avoid making bad hiring decisions by allowing you to screen out those applicants who are not a good fit for the role or company culture. This is because some assessment tools include questions that evaluate a candidate’s personality and cultural fit. Consequently, you can make sure that you are only considering those candidates who are likely to be a good long-term fit for your company, which results in reduced turnover rates – one of the biggest HR challenges of all time. By mitigating the wrong hires, your company can save a bunch of money and resources as well. 

Facilitate Better Candidate Experience 

Last but not least, pre-employment testing software can also help to create a better candidate experience. This is because most assessment tools are designed to be user-friendly and require a minimal time commitment from candidates. In addition, many assessment tools can be taken remotely, which gives candidates the flexibility to take the test at a time and place that is convenient for them. Moreover, conducting candidate experience surveys after you’ve interviewed an applicant, given them a job offer, or rejected them is a great way to not only succeed in the hiring process but also improve it over time. 

What to Consider When Selecting a Pre-employment Testing Tool?

Nowadays, there are many different types of pre-employment tests on the market with various purposes. Different businesses might have different needs, so it is important for you as a buyer to know what your business asks for before zeroing in on any particular software solution. These are a few crucial factors you should keep an eye on before you give an assessment a try: 

  • Type of Assessment: There are various types of assessments, such as aptitude tests, personality tests, skills tests, etc. You should decide which type of assessment would be most helpful for your business needs. 
  • Cost: Pre-employment testing tools can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per month. You should consider your budget and choose a tool that fits within your price range. More than just money, you should also consider the ROI and balance between price and value in your choice.  
  • Ease of Use: The pre-employment testing tool should be easy for you and your team to use. It should also be user-friendly for applicants so that they can take the assessment with minimal inconvenience. 
  • Implementation: Some assessment tools can be integrated with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS), while others might require a separate login. You should decide which implementation method would work better for you and your team. 

bravoGROWTH – The Best Pre-employment Assessment Tool

This is one of the big four functions under bravoSUITE – the one-stop HR-specific software solution. Based on the RIASEC and MBTI tests, bravoGROWTH is a personal reflection tool that helps businesses to explore the inner drive and motivation of job candidates and employees, thereby unleashing their true potential in the workplace.   Why choose bravoGROWTH over other assessment tools? Through the test results, you “read” the respondents at a higher level through their personality types, strengths, weaknesses, or even hobbies or habits, which is a solid base to decide how to deal with them and suggest areas with space for improvement. More than just simply testing the respondents, bravoGROWTH measures the results and delivers the analyzed data to employers. As such, employers can filter the best fit from a pool of candidates or better manage their staff and motivate these individuals correctly. Responsive to all users, bravoGROWTH offers a simple yet comprehensive interface and the best experience. If you need a software solution that relieves your HR team from inaccurate and error-prone manual pre-screening, then bravoGROWTH is one indispensable tool in your kit.

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